Center for biomedical image and information processing (CBMI)

Modern biomedical research strongly benefits from methods that generate large amounts of data. These methods include recent developments in medical imaging (e.g., real-time MRI, high-content screening), next-generation sequencing, monitoring of vital parameters or large treatment data archives generated by health insurance companies. Successful research and subsequent clinical use basically require four skills:

  • Method development for the analysis of large amounts of biomedical data, in particular image data and biosignal data of multiple sensors
  • Transparent access to data and analysis methods in complex infrastructure
  • Development of real-time solutions suited for treatment routine
  • Establishment of data protection-compliant infrastructures.

The different research groups and facilities at the HTW provide all the necessary expertise. CBMI has been founded to combine these competences in the field of biomedical image and information processing. It also aims to establish a platform for joint research and development. In addition to industrial research and development, CBMI also offers students to participate early in interdisciplinary projects.

The CBMI as an academic scientific institution is envisioned to be integrated into a larger structure that also includes a private research institute and a start-up center.